Easy Eco-Craft: Felted Coasters

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Easy Eco-Craft: Felted Coasters

Post  qiheitiann on Fri Oct 21, 2011 8:51 pm

This easy eco-craft is perfect for a child's birthday party or for a child to give as holiday gifts to friends or relatives. All you need are some felted sweaters (find directions for felting wool sweaters in this post from a few years back), discount jerseyssome embroidery thread, a pin or two and a large sewing needle. Then follow these simple directions:

Cut squares out of felted sweater material for coaster base.
Cut shapes out of felted material in contrasting colors. steelers jerseys cheapI use cookie cutters to create a cardboard template for the shapes - hearts, stars or whatever you like!
Have your child choose a coaster base, a decorative shape and some embroidery thread.
Pin the shape on the square.
Help them thread the needle and get nfl jerseys cheapthem started sewing.
Tie the thread in a knot on the bottomjerseys wholesale when they are finished.

Voila! A pretty, easy, eco-friendly, handmade gift! My almost 7 year old son whipped up a few of these the other day in a jiffy. Frankly, I cheap jerseyswas surprised at how much he enjoyed sewing - he kept wanting to make more! I did this for an event at the boy's school as well and it was big fun!
Do you ever make eco-crafts with your kids? What's your favorite idea?


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